Altes Volksbad – brandherd:“TOMY & THE COUGARS“ (Vespa Punk aus Marseille)

Do, 10. September 2017, 20:00 Uhr

WoAlten Volksbad, Mittelstr. 42, Mannheim
Eintritt frei! – Spende

TOMY & THE COUGARS“ (Vespa Punk aus Marseille)

In these tough times and from the most beautiful city of France (Marseille), TOMY & THE COUGARS brings you catchy punk rock mixed with an equally energetic power pop. Melodies, guitars, passion, attitude, this is what humanity request before the end of the world!

Punk rock from Marseille (fr) since 2012
Links to Tomy & The Cougars:

Bandcamp: http://tomyandthecou
Website: http://tomyandthecoug
Music videos: