Wann: 24. Februar 2024 | 23:00 Uhr


hauntedBeats geht in die dritte Runde:

This time we are about to cause some serious damage with our full throttle line-up so better be there! You don’t want to get your fear of missing out triggered.

After more than three years as producer & DJ of a successful music project, Santino Zervos is taking on the scene with his distinctive sound. He has a multinational background and creates a fusion of groovy rhythms with international samples and hard basses. Be ready for a musical journey! 

Cherry is a local artist who is currently shaking up the techno scene in Heidelberg by establishing a new sound. His sound is characterized by hard kicks, sharp hi-hats and energetic melodies. He creates his very own vibe on the dance floor and leaves no time for breaks.

David Rensch is a young DJ and aspiring producer from Heidelberg. Ever since his debut in 2017, he has electrified many audiences in the Rhein-Neckar area. „Rensch“ is known for his highly infectious energy and a musical style that he describes as hard and hypnotising.

We are looking forward to shake our bodys with you!

xxx hauntedBeats

Weitere Infos gibt es auf der Website der halle02.