Kulturbrücken Jungbusch Open Air (MA) – Shishko Disco (Worldmusic)

Fr, 10. August 2018, 19 Uhr

(verlegt vom 4.8. auf den 10.8.)

Wo: Hof der Alten Polizeiwache Jungbusch, Werftstr.4, Mannheim
Bei schlechtem Wetter: Kulturbrücken Jungbusch, Böckstr. 21, 68159 Mannheim, dann ggf auch kurzfristig geänderte Anfangszeiten. Bitte auf der Kulturbrücken-Facebookseite schauen!

Wie viele: 10 Karten

Sie zeigen Ihren Kulturpass an der Abendkasse vor und erhalten freien Eintritt.

Shishko Disco

Yallah Mannheim! Shishko Disco Closing out the summer time at Jungbusch! We going to get our summerparty in before we goin holidays. Bring your friends, we’ll bring the vibes. Its the first gig in Mannheim!!!! Dont miss it!

Shishko was first born in the spring of 2014 in the foothill’s of the Himalayan Mountains. The band / collective Is the musical project of Moshe Zehavi. It is Led by Moshe and its vocalist Joy Tyson.

Shishko Was till recently a traveling collective which is how it developed a revolving lineup of rhythm section musicians as well as amazing soloists. These days the Project is based in Berlin.

The diverse musical expression within Shishko spans clear across the world touching notes of Contemporary, Balkan, Turkish, Arabic, Latin, Klezmer, Rock, Jazz and Funk just to name a few. Its an energetic, animated and theatrical show that is sure to move a room.

The music of shishko Disco Is written and arranged by Moshe Zehavi, The musical world that is expressed in Shishko touches an authentic realm of fusion between traditions. When deep understandings of individual traditions come together and gives birth to a new, wider culture.